What is a nutritionist?

A nutritionist works with their client to develop an understanding of the clients health and wellness and identify any areas of imbalance. The nutrition is operates to educate the client on a targeted treatment and prevention plan that is designed to reestablish optimal health and wellbeing through the adoption of dietary and lifestyle measures and where needed, through the use of nutritional supplements for therapeutic purposes.

What are your qualifications?

Hannah completed her Bachelor in Health Sciences(Nutritional Medicine) through Southern School of Natural Therapies and is registered to practice nutrition by the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA). Throughout her studies, Hannah developed an understanding of anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and clinical diagnosis, drug and integrated pharmacology, health assessment and diagnostic techniques, general pathology, nutritional biochemistry, integrative complementary medicine and completed 250 hours in the student clinic treating real clients under the supervision of a qualified Nutritionist.

What can I expect in a consultation?

The first consultation will take approximately 60-90minutes. During this time, we will work to develop a holistic understanding of your health, dietary and lifestyle and discuss how they may impact each other. We will develop treatment aims that will align with your personal health goal sand develop a treatment plan utilizing dietary and lifestyle modifications and if necessary, targeted, therapeutic supplementation.

Will you prescribe supplements to me?

While we have a strong focus on obtaining the required nutrients from food, there maybe a time where the use of targeted supplementation may be required to support the restoration of your health. If this is the case, we will discuss the benefits of supplementation in your circumstances, however you will be under no obligation to accept my recommendation for supplementation and we will then develop an alternative treatment plan for you focusing on dietary and lifestyle interventions.

What if I react to a supplement you have prescribed to me?

If you react to any prescribed supplement, please stop taking the supplement immediately and contact us directly.

Can you work with my doctor or other practitioner to support my health?

Absolutely. As a qualified Nutritionist, Hannah has profound appreciation for the need for a collaborative approach to health care and will work alongside other healthcare practitioners to support your health.

Can I claim my appointment through Medicare?

Unfortunately, at this stage nutrition consultations do not receive a Medicare rebate and are therefore not covered by Medicare.

Can I claim my appointment through my private health insurer?

Yes, nutrition consultations may be covered by your private health insurance company. Please check with your insurer for confirmation of your coverage.

Can you help me with functional tests?

Yes. As a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Hannah may request and interpret functional tests to support the identification of metabolic imbalances within your body, with a focus on digestive imbalances. If testing may benefit your health, we will discuss this in your consultation.

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